• 2022-05-30

Electronic Signature Software to Improve the Digital Ecosystem of the Education Sector

By March 2022, schools across the US and various parts of the globe remained closed for more than 20 months. The COVID-19 has completely disrupted classroom instruction, confining children to their homes in many parts of the world. The government, national and international agencies have started initiatives to minimize the learning gaps with interventions.

The US federal government has already pledged $200 billion for the district schools to bridge the lapses in elementary and secondary level education in the next three years. Data from 1420 public schools at the district levels in 44 states reveal that schools aim to allocate 28% of funds to academic recovery during the post-COVID-19 period.

Schools, and the institutes of higher education, however, face several challenges;

  • Large scale student absenteeism
  • Students located in remote corners of the district lack access to educational infrastructure
  • No access to quality teachers

Technology-Driven Initiatives in Education Sector

While the urban schools are gearing up to offer the smart-classroom experience, schools in the district and rural areas are focusing on study material, after the school tutorials, printed workbooks for students, in-service training for teachers, computer-aided learning, and pre-recorded videos.

How Document Management Software Builds a Digital Ecosystem?

Electronic signature software is integrated with document management features and offers promising opportunities for educational institutions from pre-primary through professional levels. The electronic signature software builds a digital ecosystem for the education sector that places the student center to the instructional activity.

Online Document Verification

Educational institutes cab access the transcripts and the documents in support of a students’ academic accomplishments online. While students can place these documents on the cloud-based digital document software, institutes can verify them virtually to finalize their admission.

Online Student Onboarding

Schools can access the documents the parents place from the cloud-based document management platforms and can complete the student onboarding online and issue the student ID cards after the registration process.

Digital Student Admission Process

The parent need not avail one day leave to get the child’s school admission. The digital signature software enables online form filling, uploading student photographs, and imports all the necessary documents to complete the student admission. A Parent can electronically make the document legally valid and acceptable across the schools and institutions of higher learning.

Automates Classroom Workflow

It streamlines the total workflow, including student attendance, teacher’s classroom schedules, examination schedules, fee structure, payment details, and more to offer a unique digital experience for the parents and the other stakeholders like book publishers, third-party vendors, and resources managers.

Issuing Digital Transcripts and Certificates

Electronic signature software provides tamper-proof transcripts and certificates as it leaves no scope for malpractices and duplications. The professional colleges can issue diploma and degree certificates with a watermark of their logo in the backdrop.

Collaborative Platform for Interaction

Digital Management platforms have in-built features to facilitate interaction through texting, chatting, and instant document transfer for verification and independent auditing. Institutions of higher learning can send study materials in bulk, workbooks, mages, data, and more using electronic signature software.

Training Instructors online

Institutes can schedule online training sessions for instructors and make the best use of the document management platforms to import data and images. They can dispense bulk training materials to multiple destinations globally with the click of the mouse.

Sheds Insights on User Behavior

Document management platforms are embedded with advanced analytics tools and offer insightful data on user behavior. The education sector can draw inferences to prepare customized documents.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Finally, having accomplished multiple tasks with a pace and phase, digital signature software comes on a variety of flexible price ranges that is safe, secure, affordable, and cost-effective to engage multiple stakeholders in the educational sector landscape.

Final Thoughts

Schools, professional colleges, and universities across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East are equipping themselves for building digital instructional infrastructure. Since the document management platform includes digital signature features, it adds value and enhances the digital ecosystem for virtual teaching-learning practices. Institutes that import education can reach tens and thousands of students and other stakeholders without much delay and speed up the learning process.