• 2022-05-30

Get your Property Sale Deed Notarized Safely with eSigns

Believe me. Notarizing as an activity is 800 years old, dated back to 1373, and was in existence in Central London. A Notary is a person who has the authority to act as an eyewitness to testify a signature that remains legally valid.

Notarization is a predominant form of legal activity in vogue to authorize property deals, affidavits, contracts, and the general power of attorney (GPA). A notary is a legal professional but not the same as an advocate who represents a client in a court of law.

Preventing Document Fraud

Notarization is meant to avoid document forgeries. A bank would seek several proofs of evidence to grant an educational or home loan. The signature of the customer in the loan application testifies that the customer has read and agreed to the terms and conditions and s/he is the original beneficiary of the loan or grant.

Notarization of the personal identification of the loan documents of an applicant offers a full proof of evidence to the bank to issue a loan only to the intended applicant to avoid fund mismanagement and discrepancies. A person can authorize a trusted alley for the fund or the property management by issuing a General Power of Attorney (GPA). This authorizes the GPA recipient to buy, sell, mortgage, and invest in shares, and fixed and liquid assets on behalf of the property owner. The property owner notarizes a document to issue a GPA to someone to act on his behalf in his absence.

Traditional Notary Process

Under ideal conditions, the person seeking a Notary signature appears physically Infront of the person with valid proof of evidence such as the Passport or a Driving License. A notary testifies the original identity of the person on a stamp paper, which attains legal sanctity. The notary creates a document testifying the identity of the signatory’s age, address, gender, and other identifications like the father or legal heir’s name as genuine and fixes a notary signature with a seal. The notary registers these details in a ledger or a book and issues an acknowledgment for a fee.

eSign a Property Deal Remotely with Electronic Signature

eSigns, the next-generation electronic signature platform enables legally authorized notaries to fix an electronic signature, with two or multi-step authentication steps. Only an authorized recipient can open this notarized document after entering a 6-digit authentication code. This practice ensures document safety while making the document tamper-proof to avoid fraud.

Types of Documents A Notary Can Sign Using Electronic Signature

A notary can electronically sign an affidavit, stating the original identity of a person, deeds, contracts, power of attorney, and loan documents.

How do eSigns Simplify Notarizing Process?

A notary can create all kinds of documents in its prescribed format instantly with eSigns that possess advanced document management features. The notary can create a template with required features to suit a lease agreement, affidavit, or a power of attorney document by simply selecting those features readily available in eSigns.

Save, Reuse, Modify, and Edit Templates Instantly

A notary can save a template once created to serve a client for a property deal and can reuse it in the future. The notary can add more features, or remove existing features to modify the document to serve a client’s immediate needs.

Stay Flexible, Scalable, and Resilient with a Cloud-Native Platform

eSigns allows a notary to remain flexible in preparing customized documents to serve multiple clients that are diverse and spread across the geographical regions to reach them instantly, without any deal to physically reach the customer, which is a time-consuming process. Customers can access the documents from a central repository without waiting for an email to receive a word or a PDF document to complete a sale or purchasing deal.

Complete Automation and Digitization

A notary can create a document by importing a customer’s information from the device, which includes data, photographs, images, graphs, and maps. The notary can drag and drop an electronic signature to create a notarized document that turns it into an encrypted one. The notary issues a digital or electronic certificate with a digital seal that complies with local laws. Without an authorized key, none, other than the intended person can open this document.

Streamlines Workflow

Any discrepancy while issuing a notary certificate would seriously affect the customer’s intentions to close a property deal or an investment process. eSigns streamlines the documents a notary creates and stores them safely by assigning an indexing number. The notary can search, archive, data mine, and retrieve a document using this indexing number. The notary can ensure an error-free document that is stored in central repositories.

Complies with Regulatory Norms and Legal Binding

By fixing an electronic signature, a notary turns the document legally valid because an electronic signature is in incompliance with local laws and enjoys legal sanctity. eSigns is acceptable as an authorized document signer in over 150 countries across the globe. It meets all the compliance and regulatory norms of the land where it operates.

Personalized Digital Experience

Legal firms can ensure a complete end-to-end digital experience for customers and can serve them in more personalized ways using eSigns. From filling in the details, verification, paying the required fee online, and fixing an electronic signature, eSigns offers a unique digital experience to the customers.

Compatible and Mobile-First Platform

eSigns is flexible and compatible with Laptops, Desktops, Tabs, and Mobile or Smartphones. Customers can access documents from any remote corner as the software is flexible and compatible with multiple devices.

Eco-Friendly Software

eSigns is an eco-friendly software that is totally paperless and avoids electronic wastage. With eSigns, legal firms can comply with environmentally sustainable practices. Stop the indiscriminate onslaught of forests, paper dumps, and electronic wastes, as eSigns is totally digital and online without an intermediary like CDs and a USB.

Final Thoughts

eSigns is a cloud-native, document management platform that possesses features to create customized documents to complete all kinds of property sale deeds, lease contracts, and mortgaging of movable and immovable properties like vehicles, gold or silver ornaments, land, and buildings. Legal firms can issue eNotary certificates which are safe, secured, and legally binding, as it is in compliance with local laws.