• 2024-02-06

A Comprehensive Document Management Guide for US Staffing

A Comprehensive Document Management Guide for US Staffing

The document-intensive staffing industry follows a stringent yet standard process that is time-consuming, laborious, and expensive. This process starts with sharing job requirements, or JD, in the public domain. Any minor deviation in collecting candidate information, documentation, assessment, and evaluation may end in several technical, financial, and legal complications. It is essential to observe how the electronic signature software for the staffing industry helps streamline this process.

Creating a Custom Job Announcement Builds Brand Image

Job boards are here not merely to post vacancies. While posting job announcements, companies try to project their organizational image through these portals. Tens and thousands of job seekers with diverse skill sets and demographic backgrounds browse these sites to search for opportunities. Professional platforms like LinkedIn circulate them as well. Document management software for the staffing industry helps create these custom documents without much effort. The user-friendly platform can store them as templates for reusing them when needed in the future. Social platforms are powerhouses of people from all walks of life, including the middle and top management.

Having created a fitting job description, recruiting agencies can generate a document link to post on any social platform without waiting to compose emails or search for contact addresses. Staffing agencies can also share the RTR form as a link for candidates to fill out online. Agencies can avail themselves of them automatically once the candidates fix their electronic signature, completing the document process.

Create a Custom Job Application for Collecting Candidate Details

The no-code platform allows staffing agencies to create a custom job application form on the SaaS platform for the staffing agencies. Recruiting companies can drag and drop to create these applications, and candidates can fill in details about location, duration, rate, primary and secondary skills, start and end dates, work experience, roles and responsibilities, and clients they served from the device automatically. Companies can save these templates or archive them in a central repository. Using the document indexing number, a unique document ID, companies can search for any template to share with the consultants on the cloud platform instantly.

Track the application (document) status to find out when a job seeker completes filling in the details. A custom dashboard allows staffing agencies to track documents waiting for the candidate's signature—documents that are completed, rejected, voided, declined, or expired. The electronic document management system for staffing allows agencies to set an expiration date for any document.

Collect Additional Information to Build Data

Using ‘Form Builders, create and share a document on the candidate’s mobile phones to collect additional information from the candidates, such as.

  • such as the availability (notice period).
  • Rate
  • Willing to relocate
  • Visa Status
  • Contact Number
  • H1B Company
  • H1BContact person.
  • H1B Contact Number
  • H1B Email ID
  • H1B Website
  • H1B Address

In a span of a few seconds, candidates or consultants can reply to them by picking the options seamlessly, within no time.

Track and Eliminate Fake Resumes

Recruiting agencies can integrate the document management platform with third-party tools. Agencies can collaborate seamlessly with background verification companies to achieve this task.

Streamline Consultant or Vendor Onboarding with Workflow Automation 

Staffing companies can share or collect a bundle of documents such as work permits, tax (W4 or 1099), insurance details, bank account information, and academic and work experience documents in one go as a workflow. Staffing agencies can just hover over the document to add it to the workflow, and the candidates can access it in a specific order to fill out and sign these forms.


Sign Employment Contracts Effortlessly on a Collaborative Platform

Staffing agencies can chat and continue interaction while signing an employment contract. Both the employee and the employer can maintain the same level of understanding, ensuring transparency. An employer can make changes to any clause in the agreement instantly, and a candidate can sign documents online, which is a safe and secure document transaction procedure in staffing.

Build a Custom Dashboard for Strategic Decision-making 

Staffing agencies can build data on the electronic signature software for recruitment effortlessly. Companies can maintain projects, consultants, vendors, and various other third-party stakeholders’ information on eSigns software for staffing and view them instantly on a custom dashboard that offers key analytical inferences to forecast business, design strategies, and boost employee productivity to grow business at scale.

Key Takeaways

eSigns offers a comprehensive document management system for staffing companies in the US to build data, grow business, and outperform the competition by remaining dynamic, strategic, and efficient in a highly competitive marketplace.