eSigns | Electronic Signature for Logistics Services

Globalize Documentation with eSigns for Logistics Industry


You may be working endlessly, arranging logistics behind the screen for the perfect front-end execution and customer management in any sector. Go digital and remain tangible with eSigns to accomplish your work smartly by minimizing redundancy, delays, and mismanagement of resources. Planning and perfect documentation with electronic signatures add additional value to your efforts. Set standards and industry benchmarks in places you operate with eSigns, as it complies with the local laws.

esignature for logistics company

Smoothens the Entire Logistic Cycle

Smoothen the complex logistic process involving loading, unloading, shipping, and delivering the finished product to its destination with eSigns. It transforms the age-old manual information maintenance practices into electronically signed digital documentation acts.

  • Offers flexible options, allowing you to add new shipping agencies, vendors, and product categories to the catalogs.
  • Keeps your bills and shipping documents intact with digitization and automation, making them tamperproof with electronic signatures.
electronic signature for logistics services
online signature for logistics and supply chain management

Digitizes the End-to-End Process

eSigns allows the elimination of paper in ‘Source to pay’ and ‘ship to bill’ processes and streamlines the following.

  • Purchase orders, vendor onboarding documents, pricing contracts.
  • Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Export, Bill of Entry, etc.

Industry Use Cases


With digital contract life cycle management, you will eliminate wastage of time and effort and get contracts signed swiftly and accurately.


Sign your commercial/service Bills faster with eSigns and let your team focus on other productive activities.

Bill of Lading

eSigns allows logistic companies to sign the bill of lading from anywhere, anytime electronically.