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eSignature for Staffing – Empowers Human Resources Team


esigns digitalizes the entire recruitment cycle, including the candidate verification, background check, consultancy, counseling, scheduling an interview, negotiations, and beyond to complete the onboarding. Deploy eSigns to get- rid of the endless paperwork and unusual drudgery in staffing. Automate filing applications and filing the selected profiles.

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Onboarding Consultants

Let your customers never lose an opportunity because you did not meet your staffing goals. eSigns foresees the entire consultant onboarding process by handpicking eligible profiles and minimizes the searching, selection, and onboarding time.

  • Sign consultant contracts online with electronic signature remotely to honor your staffing deadlines to win customer loyalty.
  • Automate your workflow and the documentation process. Facilitate easy approvals with electronic signatures. Remain flexible, agile, and efficient to make a global presence.
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Integrates the Back-office with Front-end Activities

eSigns integrates the back-office ERPs with the front-end CRMs for handling customer relations, sales, and procurement processes by creating a paperless work environment. It foresees activities including;

  • Vendor Contracts
  • Customer Contracts
  • Invoicing

It integrates the system and process to eliminate data entry and duplication of efforts to accomplish multiple tasks accurately with less turnaround time.

Supported Processes

Consultant Onboarding

eSigns streamlines the staffing workflow by automating the documentation process. Turns consultant onboarding process easy.

Billing and Procurement

Using eSigns, companies can digitize their billing and Purchase Orders by fixing electronic signatures.