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The scope of work document defines the boundaries of the IT project you take up. Make sure to sign your next SoW with eSigns, a one-stop solution to all your project management needs. eSigns provides a comprehensive platform that fully digitizes documents in IT operations for asset tracking, asset management, change requests and policy documents. It helps improving process efficiency, compliance with IT guidelines, and archiving documents for policy compliance. Sign your IT project agreements using eSignsto meet your delivery deadlines.

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Save Time

A single-day delay in delivering your IT project costs you dearly for missing the compliance bus. Take off your project at an even phase using eSigns and get noticed in the industry circles for your efficiency. eSigns automates your entire operations including, asset tracking, change requests, and many other use cases. It helps you improve compliance and attain real-time visibility into critical agreement processes. Gain client goodwill, a stepping stone for signing your next major project.

Save Time
Meet Compliances

Ensure Compliances

Deploy eSigns to comply with international standards like ISO 27001, SOC, GDPR, CMMI, and other programs to reduce risks and to improve governance. eSigns helps you store all your agreements at a centrally located place and standardizes contract clauses and processes with an electronic signature. Adapt to changing regulatory environments and data privacy obligations with eSigns, empowered by in-built AI capabilities.

  • eSigns supports you to secure access to digital documents in the IT operations portal from any geographical location.
  • Advanced search options help the team in retrieving and accessing any document within seconds for audit needs.

Global Acceptance

eSigns allows you to sign your documents electronically, which is legally valid in more than 180 countries. eSigns allows signing a series of documents in parallel and in bulk to cut cost and time, up to 80% as compared to traditional approaches. Multiple signatories can sign simultaneously and exchange documents electronically to save time spent on the manual documentation process.

  • Enables e-signing option to multiple signatories from anywhere in the world anytime.
  • Enables seamless document signing, as it is integrated to ERPs, CRMs, and SCM systems.
Support for Global Signature

Featured Use Cases

Contract Signing

eSigns can quickly digitize the complete contract signing workflow and allows you to integrate the Hardware AMC, Software AMC, and SLAs using legally valid electronic or digital signatures.

Signing Scope of Work (SOW)

Using eSigns, you can seamlessly make provisions for employees in the IT operations department to sign all the documents electronically, which remains legally valid.

Vendor Management

Automate the paper-intensive approaches with efficient document management. Sign vendor agreements, contracts, tax compliance documents, invoices, purchase orders, and warranty forms using eSignatures.