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Beginning with identifying the required materials and signing a purchase order, Procurement involves thorough planning. Using eSigns, minimize the time spent to submit purchase requests for signing vendor contracts. It quickens the end-to-end 'source to settle' process in vendor management through a single comprehensive platform. From vendor on-boarding, contract signing, life cycle management to vendor payments, eSigns drives the procurement process paperless. Automate your procurement process to eliminate all the risks before issuing your purchase order.

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Quick Vendor Onboarding

eSigns enables you to collect all necessary documents from vendors online and onboard them in real-time. Cut costs and reduce time spent by 70% compared to manual processes, using eSigns.

  • Enables quick document collection, scrutiny, and vendor approval in real-time.
  • Enables vendor onboarding anytime, across the time zones, by integrating your ERPs, CRMs, and SCM systems.
Quick Vendor On-boarding
Reduce Risk and Improve Governance

Reduce Risks and Improve Governance

Improve your brand visibility in the crowded market with eSigns. It facilitates easy governance by archiving all your agreements in a centrally located repository. It standardizes agreement clause to comply with changing regulatory environments, including data privacy obligations, with in-built AI. A completely automated mechanism reduces the risks in the procurement process and speeds up vendor agreements.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaborations go a long way in identifying the right vendor. eSIgns facilitates efficient document management, including sharing, and exchange of information with vendors to strengthen ties and boost collaborations. Enjoy a hassle-free, paperless environment and enhance your supplier and vendor management capabilities with eSigns.

  • Helps initiate purchase orders, supplementary documents, and invoices anytime for approvals, thus enabling smooth vendor relations.
  • Fetches documents on the go from ERPs and SCMs, eliminating the need to retrieve documents from multiple systems for audit requirements.
  • Complies with all the regulatory and tax norms to reduce procurement risks.
Efficient Collaboration

Featured Use Cases

Vendor/Supplier Management

By digitizing procedures and streamlining workflow, eSigns eliminates the complexities involved in vendor/supplier management.

Contract Management

Create, review, edit, sign, and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time, using eSigns business documentation software.