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When students started learning online, making virtual platforms their second homes, eSigns geared up to meet the emerging online student registrations, classroom instructions, assessments, grading, and beyond in digital mode. Institutes can maintain accurate student data, issue certificates, and approve student projects with a tamper-proof electronic signature. Streamline the entire classroom workflow management in a paperless environment and add transparency and efficiency to boost collaborative teaching-learning practices with eSigns.

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Digital Student-Institution Interaction

  • Enable instant real-time student registration with the capability to authenticate student identity instantly.
  • Allow students to digitally create, sign and submit forms through the student portal.
  • Enable sending digitally signed student performance reports online and issue digital transcripts and diplomas.
online signature for education industry
online document management system for education sector

Long Term Archival

Transcripts testify what students accomplished overtime during their stay in educational institutions. The teacher’s signature adds authenticity to it. eSigns offers educational institutes a platform to create documents with a watershed logo underneath and turn them valid with a legally binding electronic signature. Create, scan, upload, and archive all your valuable documents with identification numbers that allow easy indexing, search, and retrieval while eliminating the scope of altering the date and time of signatures.

Digital Education Scenarios

Digital Student Admissions

eSigns allows educational institutions to quickly digitize procedures and streamline workflow, facilitating a smooth student admission process.

Transcript Signing

eSigns offers universities various signing options including —serial, parallel, bulk, and multi-party signed transcripts in no time.


By combining advanced document creation engines with new-age security features such as hybrid-QR code, eSigns allows universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to issue e-Diplomas to end fraudulent certificate tampering practices.

Certifications Badges and Faculty Contracts

Students can post authenticated badges on social media sites on securing academic credits. Institutes can sign faculty contracts electronically to save and provide easy access and retrieval for future renewals using eSigns.