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Seal your Sales’ Deal Encrypted with eSigns


Selling something tangible or intangible as concepts is not easy said or done, as a lot more rely on the credibility and trustworthiness of the salesperson. From filing a quotation, to begin with, it passes through various stages of negotiations and discussions to become a sales order. eSigns steps in at this juncture in making the contracts you sign to comply with the laws of the land. Sign a MOU with your electronic signature that is encrypted and un-tampered. Your document transcends geographies, across the globe to convert your leads as opportunities.

An opportunity Delayed will be Denied Forever

Make sure to turn your business acumen transforms as deals and conversions by filing your quotations well in advance with eSigns that ensures accuracy in pricing. eSigns checks documents for precision, including its format and compliance with the laws of the region to crack the deal for you. It signs multiple documents within no time to meet deadlines with your signatures fixed electronically.

  • Faster turnaround time for meeting customer requests.
  • Quicker contract and agreement closures with the help of a paperless digital environment.
Quicken sales closures
Comprehensive Reports

Maintain Customer Relationship Digitally

Integrated with CRM solutions, eSigns understands your customers’ norms, values, and customs and sheds light on their preferences. Take clues from eSigns to generate new leads and win your customers’ confidence by respecting their culture. Convert these cordial digital customer relations as prospective deals seamlessly paperless.

  • Sales quotes and pricing agreements can be signed electronically.
  • Sales contracts can be reviewed, edited, finalized, and signed digitally.


Let the B2B and B2C companies enjoy the hassle-free user experience in dealing with their clients and succeed in converting their leads as deals. Embedded with customer-centric policies, eSigns makes every effort in documenting the contracts error-free, by paying detailed attention to quality, price, availability, and affordability. It offers electronically signed documents to ensure authenticity.

  • Offer your customers a hassle-free and stress-free experience to e-sign sales contracts.
  • Add a significant competitive edge over the competitors by providing an option to sign electronically with legal compliance.
Offer Winning customer-experience

Sales Scenarios

Contract Signing

Create, review, edit, sign, and approve sales contracts with a shorter turnaround time using eSigns.

Customer Experience

Using advanced electronic signing and workflow management capabilities, allow sales departments to maintain perfect customer relations.

Quotation Approval

Receives and approves your sales proposals quickly with a valid electronic signature.