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Why eSigns?

eSigns offers a matchless platform for entrepreneurs of all sizes with features that perfectly fit well to meet their daily corporate routine. Be it signing an RFP for a new project, or signing a contract for recruiting the crème of the crop as resources, eSigns places your documents intact and streamlines the entire information for you on fingertips. Leaving no scope for any leaks, it keeps your deal confidential, safe, and free from tampering. Sign your next big contract with eSigns and stay relaxed.

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Unique Features of eSign

eSigns offers a matchless platform for entrepreneurs of all sizes with features that perfectly fit well to meet their daily corporate routine.

Drag-and-Drop Signatures

Don’t delay signing any contract, simply because a signatory authority or a key person is not readily available to compile and sign your documents. eSigns offers drag-and-drop signature facility. you can just drag-n-drop an esignature to shoot it to its desired destination.

Resourceful Templates

eSigns understands your challenges in designing a template to meet your specific needs. You may be signing multiple contracts and may need varied templates to meet each occasion. eSigns preserves all your previous templates to use them instantly again, without spending time on recreating them.

Uninterrupted Collaborations

Collaborations mean a lot in this network community. Prove your outstanding capabilities by meeting various collaborators at a stretch. eSigns' Document Management system keeps your documents ready for you to collaborate with multiple stakeholders at once. It works tirelessly in getting the documentation completed at once.

Personalized Branding

Your documentation style reflects the unique personality of your company. You will be building it tirelessly, spending time and energy with a logo and images. eSigns takes every measure in reflecting your specialized colors and logo on the documents you sign to project your organizations' image on every document you sign.

Have a Mobile Presence

Name any device. eSigns will take you there, making your moves swift and authentic. Your customers and employees need not wait to access their laptops or desktops to review any document you have sent in for them. With eSigns in hand, your recipients can access them even on a mobile from any location.

Set Auto-Reminders

eSigns sends automated alerts to your customers periodically, reminding them to pay attention to the document you have sent. It tracks the document status to get it signed on time. You need not spend time and get concerned about reminding your customers of follow-up emails.

How does eSigns Work?

Discover the most hassle-free experience of signing documents electronically and sending them to any global destination and time zones by following a few simple steps.

Document Upload

eSigns creates a hustle-free environment to upload your files in a format of your preferred choice, including Doc, Png, Pdf, Jpg, Txt, and more, using a simple drag and drop option.

Assign Signatories

Upload any document without much effort by auto-filling the required fields. Drag and drop the electronic signature to keep your sale deed ready to upload and share.

Dispatching Documents

Add recipients by following a few simple steps and categorize them accordingly to direct your documents to single or multiple recipients at a time.

Email Notifications

Once the document is shared, your recipients will get an auto-email notification. Recipients can review and sign at their convenience.