eSigns | Electronic Signature for Hospitality Management Services

eSignature for Hospitality Services – Improves Guest Experience


Go paperless for booking a hotel room or a flight ticket for your customers. Take your customers through the nitty-gritty of the local customs, ethnic diversity, and cultures with the accurate hospitality services you offer with eSigns. Enhance customer experiences by reducing delays using eSigns. Streamline your workflow with electronically signed documents. Let your loyal customers turn to you for their next annual vacations.

esignature for hospitality industry

When Customers Utter “Thank You” with a Smile on their Face, It Means a Lot for You!

Be it food safety or hygienic room services for customers, the hospitality industry involves micro-level planning, management, and execution. You will be spending endless hours talking to vendors, suppliers, and service providers as a hospitality head. Save your precious time with eSigns and serve your customers on time with electronically signed documents. Let your customers enjoy their most preferred shopping or traveling experience with eSigns to streamline your supply and vendor management.

  • esign all your contracts electronically to reach your suppliers and vendors across the global destinations within no time.
  • Save time by using automated electronic workflows and approval mechanisms for speedy and efficient decision-making.
online signature for hospitality industry
electronic signature for hospitality management services

Integrates Front-end Customer Relations with Back-end Support

Efficient customer relations and conversions demand the perfect integration of the back-office ERP with the front-office CRM. The process is lengthy, involving designing, procuring, manufacturing, processing, sales, and beyond. Go paperless to sign vendor contracts, fixing prices or preparing invoices with eSigns.

  • Manages Vendor Contracts
  • Finalizes Pricing contracts
  • Maintains Invoices
  • Eliminates the endless data entry drudgery
  • Avoids duplications
  • Formulates an error-free processing mechanism

Industry Use Cases

Efficient Vendor or Supplier Management

By identifying a qualified vendor or supplier, eSigns facilitates the registration and signing of contracts to meet the growing needs of the hospitality industry.

Billing and Procurement

Using eSigns, hotels can digitize their billing and purchase orders by fixing electronic signatures.