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Go Paperless for Insurance Policy Registrations and Claims


The Insurance industry relies on collecting evidence and authentic proof for registering insurance claims. It involves personal visits and intensive documentation. eSigns, the next-generation electronic document management platform, offers a unique user and industry experience. Users can create document templates to auto-fill customer information. Create, scan, and upload documents fixing your electronic signature that is legally valid and tamper-free. Streamline your daily workflow using eSigns that indexes, and archives your documents with your logo to add authenticity.

A Unique Digital Experience

  • Be it for opening a new insurance policy or for paying insurance premium, allow your customers to fill in details digitally to share it with you online, fixing their electronic signature.
  • Simplify your data-centric insurance workflow and avoid errors to speed up your documentation process.
  • Maintain an accurate customer data digitally to address accident-related policy claims or medical insurance claims.
Seamless customer experience
Flexible Deployment Model

Enhances Efficiency and Speed-up Customer Redressal

  • Pay insurance claims on time with perfect documentation of information that is automated and stored centrally for multiple signatories to audit and fix signatures.
  • Provide document alerts and reminders for updates.
  • Ensure a tamper-proofed, secured data transfer so that the customers can rest assured.

Featured Use Cases

Drives Efficiency

Minimizes massive paperwork, increases efficiency, and maintains accurate digital records to answer customer’s queries in split seconds.

Speedy Customer Services

A completely automated process quickly delivers the claim and customer requests, while ensuring a seamless digital experience for customers.

Ensures Data safety and Customers' Privacy

Abides by the global compliance norms to ensure privacy and data safety. Avoids data/document mismanagement and theft.