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Smart Solutions with eSignature for Healthcare Services


eSigns ends the intensive paperwork involved in getting the doctor’s appointment, diagnosis, and treatment. Automating the entire healthcare process exempts the patient’s physical presence, where Physicians can access health records, images, and lab reports in digital form. eSigns simplifies diagnosis and patient care by exempting laborious data entry for physicians, offering a unique digital healthcare patient experience.

electronic signature for healthcare

Streamlines Lengthy Insurance Approval Mechanism

Go digital and offer a tension-free patient interaction with doctors and insurance professionals with eSigns.

  • Facilitate patient registrations across the geographies with the online application, embedded with electronic signature features that are authentic and free from tampering.
  • Enable doctors to dispatch their signed and approved prescriptions for immediate insurance relief.
  • Enable sending the digitally signed lab reports from technicians to doctors to speed up the healthcare decisions.
electronic signature for healthcare
electronic signature software for healthcare

Ends Insurance Claim Uncertainties 

Digitize your claim processing and settlement process for patients and by making it 100% presence-less and paperless thus providing a hassle-free experience to the patients

  • eSigns digitalizes the entire clime and settlement process
  • A hassle-free insurance claim experience that is paperless and exempts patients’ presence completely.
  • A patient can upload online claim forms that initiate processing upon admission to the hospital.
  • Forward the patient-related insurance claims for clearance to the insurance companies.
  • Coordinate for the speedy claim approval for clearance and delivery process

Featured use cases

Patient Enrollment

By digitizing and streamlining the healthcare providers’ workflow, eSigns reduces delays in inpatient admission and care in health centers by 80%.

Claims Submissions

Enable paperless claims submissions that a patient can submit directly to TPA or Insurance Company.

Doctor Prescriptions

Allows doctors to dispatch digitally signed and authenticated prescriptions to the pharmacies. Pharmacists can trust these prescriptions and deliver medicines.

EHR and EMR Systems

Leverage the advanced workflow management of eSigns to integrate EHR and EMR solutions.