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Legal aspects are peculiar to each nation and signing business contracts across the nations of the globe needs careful scrutiny of the documents you sign. You must equally keep pace with the changing market scenario. eSigns, the next-generation software offers a comprehensive platform with electronic signature options to streamline your business workflow and sign contracts that abide by the law of the respective nation. Store, retrieve, and reuse your templates using eSigns to speed up your business transactions and close your next big deal well ahead of others.

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Flexible and Collaborative Platform

eSigns offers a collaborative platform, where all the stakeholders involved can create, edit, and finalize any contract document in a participatory mode to avoid compliance issues. With in-built pre-audit trail options, eSigns makes sure that you comply with stringent data security measures of the global trade & business.

Collaborative Review / Compliance
Workflow Management

Efficient Workflow Management

eSigns allows you to seamlessly create pre-defined workflow as per your in-house validation procedures.

  • Create and preserve documents in compliance with laws in eSigns and provide access to digital documents anywhere, anytime to all signatories.
  • eSigns helps to route legal contracts from ERPs, CRMs to all signatories in a flash.

Seamless Document Management

eSigns auto tags any document you scan, upload, or store as part of an API and allots identification numbers. It is easy to index, search, and retrieve any document stored in esigns from any geographic location.

  • Stores documents based on index numbers.
  • Enables easy retrieval of contracts and other legal documents for audit purposes.
Seamless Document Management

Featured Use Cases

Signing Contracts with Compliance

eSigns digitizes the whole contract/agreement signing process by providing you an option to sign electronically. It also helps you streamline your workflow and manages the life cycles of any legal agreement or contract stored in the platform.

Avoid Legal Disputes and Enhance Collaborative Approach

eSigns offers a collaborative platform, allowing multiple stakeholders to view, edit, share and modify documents that comply with regulatory norms. It speeds up your operations to meet compliance expectations.