• 2023-12-22

An eSigns Vendor Onboarding Guide for the Staffing Industry

The vendor is a key agency in the recruiting industry that possesses the expertise to comply with the labor laws of the nation and adheres to them while shortlisting a skilled workforce to meet the industry requirements. Companies carefully weigh several technical, legal, and compliance factors before finalizing a vendor as one of the key partners in the recruitment process.

According to Precision’s study, global IT staffing is expected to skyrocket during 2024–31. Though it was steady throughout 2022–23, it is expected to grow faster in 2024. North America, particularly the US, is leading the US IT job market.

The projected US IT Job Market in 2024–31, as per open sources.


Growth Rate (%) Projected Value
2024 5 105
2025 4.5 110.25
2026 4 115.66
2027 3.5 121.43
2028 3.2 127.51
2029 3 134.01
2030 2.8 140.93
2031 2.5 148.26

Vendors play a key role in sourcing developers, designers, recruiters, sales and marketing personnel, and IT administrators.

Vendor Onboarding Experience on the No-Code Platform

eSigns, the best electronic signature for staffing services, is handy in many ways to serve the staffing industry with digitization and workflow automation. Let us explore how this guide helps enterprises use the electronic document management system with ease to provide an exceptional vendor onboarding experience.

Companies collect or send the below-mentioned documents from vendors.

  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)
  • W9 Form: disclosing tax details.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Create Custom Documents and Templates as you like.

We can take you through how you can create all the above-mentioned documents yourself and save them as templates to use several times in the future. Log in to the eSigns platform with an authenticated OTP to access your account.

Create a Vendor Portal and Codify the Vendor key Data.

Delay no further in building key vendor information such as insurance details, licenses, tax details, bank information of the vendor, and the vendor’s previous track records on eSigns entities. Enterprises can build strategies around assessing vendor strengths when sourcing key consultants.

Create Custom Documents and Save Agreements as Templates

You can drag-and-drop fields available on the screen to create forms, including columns, tables, and spaces to fill in single and multiple text. You can create a space where the vendor can upload images. Users can attach files and share them across the cloud instantly. You can expect vendor signs electronically, which can be customized by adding color and style. Save the NDA and MSA agreements on eSigns effortlessly, saving time, money, and employees’ productive work hours.

Explore Multiple Document-Sharing Options

You need not compose emails and write lengthy text to share an STR document with anonymous candidates. You can generate a document link and share it across social platforms for the candidates to access. Aspirants can provide you with the ‘Right to Represent’ by downloading the form and filling in details with eSignature.

Leverage the Power of the eSigns Workflow Automation to Accelerate the Vendor Onboarding Process

Don’t waste time collecting or transferring files one at a time to verify vendor details and complete the onboarding process. You can ask a vendor to share registrations, licenses, tax details, bank accounts, and transaction details in one go as a workflow in the eSigns platform. The digital document management system for staffing lets you simply click on the “Create Workflow” tab to bundle several templates placed on the respective entities where the data is stored. You can just hover your mouse over the document to add it to a workflow and accomplish this in no time.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Collaborate to Conclude an NDA or MSA Safely and Effortlessly

eSignature for Staffing Contracts offers you a collaborative platform where you can share your agreements and contract forms with the vendors to check and negotiate before signing the contract electronically. The platform offers options for live chat to agree on charges, contract clauses, terms and conditions, and any details that the company or the vendor would like to modify before concluding the deal.

Streamline the Hiring Process

eSigns sends automated notifications upon issuing offer letters, employment agreements, or any other relevant documents. Enterprises can track the progress of their requests in real-time and receive notifications when documents are signed. Enterprises can equally customize all these documents to boost branding and promotion by adding logos, colors, watermarks, and other identities to optimize the company brand image.

Build a Custom Dashboard to Leverage KPI

Build a colorful and graphically enriched custom dashboard to view your key staffing data anytime on an agile platform that is compatible with multiple devices, including mobile. The cloud-based electronic signature for employment documents helps companies exploit key analytics for speedy document transfers and decision-making.

We Honor HIPPA and other Compliance and Security Norms

eSigns honors HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance. Companies can rest assured that their data and documents remain secure. Enterprises can add digital seals and eSignature to leverage our legally binding digital signatures recognized in all US states. Esigns’ digital ledger maintains complete audit trails for all eSign requests and documents.

Key Takeaways

Digital signature software for staffing services helps companies build custom documents and templates to facilitate speedy document transfer with multiple document-sharing options like ‘Get Link’, Bulksend’, and ‘Workflows. Companies can build key vendor data on entities to meet their document and data management objectives.