• 2023-11-15

Build Environment Friendly Workspace to Fight Carbon Emission

By 2019, 386 million forests across the globe have disappeared due to deforestation globally. More than 80% of the timber and Fiber emerging from the forests were used as raw materials to produce papers for printing newspapers, textbooks, and other stationery for processing corporate agreements, contracts, sales deeds, circulars, tender agreements, and more.

Both the emerging and the developing economies of the world are equally responsible for the massive deforestation, turning the less developed world vulnerable to climate threats, including soil erosion, drought, famine, food shortage, high carbon emission, and low carbon absorption.

China was the largest carbon emitter in the globe in 2019, dispelling 9.9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, followed by the USA with emission levels of 4.7 billion metric tons, followed by India, the Russian Republic, and Japan. It is essential to observe how the corporate world can reverse this situation by following some of the best practices by shifting to the best electronic signature software.

Formidable Steps to Reduce Carbon Emission

The financial institutes that hold control over $130 trillion in funds as capital investments have pledged to regulate global warming to below 1.5⁰ C by encouraging investments in companies that follow green production and corporate measures.

It is time for automobile, manufacturing, and logistic industries to reduce emission levels by switching over to a digital workspace that goes completely paperless. At present 65% of the public and the private sector spending is on companies with very high emission rates. By 2030, at least 70 % of the funding should be on low-emission level operations and organizations to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Rise in Demand for Eco-friendly Products and Solutions

The investors' decision to drive funds toward companies that achieve low or no carbon emission for sure will increase demand for alternative, green energy initiatives, and solutions in the manufacturing and service sectors. This will minimize the current onslaught of approximately 10 million hectares of forests with rare biodiversity.

Corporate Sector Green Initiatives

Both the manufacturing and service sector companies have now realized that it is not possible to make sustainable progress by paying lip sympathy to the climate crisis. Organizations have changed their corporate strategies to fund low-emission software, tools, and processes to build a niche as eco-friendly products. They can spread their presence and increase their market shares as green products. 

Changes in Marketing Strategies

Consumer awareness of an inclusive market is also encouraging manufacturers and service providers to evolve an inclusive marketing strategy that projects a product or a service like the one that cares for the consumer’s value system. Companies like Proctor& Gamble, Google, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola are among the few who are pioneers of the inclusive market.

Value-Based Branding 

Brands at present are carefully crafting their campaigns to include values the consumers care for. Consumers who honor eco-friendly products are not keen on buying products of non-biodegradable ones and the ones which encourage carbon emissions, and a decline in global biodiversity. Companies are now evolving branding strategies that compare products that care about the climate crisis and products that violate or enhance the burden on climate.

Does Electronic Signature Software Play a Role in Fighting Climate Crisis?

Free electronic signature software is built on the principles of net-zero carbon emission as it encourages complete digitization of the organizational workflow that foresees the whole gamut of transactional routine.  Organizations communicate with multiple stakeholders, such as investors, and bankers. Raw material suppliers, transporters, logistic providers, employees, and B2B or B2C customers regularly, and manual, paper-based document management is an expensive affair.

How Corporates Can Minimize Paper Use by Using Electronic Signature Tools?

Simplifying Complex Documentation Process

The electronic signature software has an inbuilt document management feature. The software helps companies simplify their complex communication processes. Corporates can now create digital documents with required templates to sign agreements, new business deals, renewal of vendor contracts, and MoUs with investors to expand the existing business or to start a new business. The top electronic signature software controls printing, scanning, signing, and posting them using couriers to reach multiple locations. 

Automated Documentation Process

A bank or a finance sector institute must communicate with customers who are small business holders, housewives, CEOs of large, small, or medium entities, insurance agencies, and regulatory authorities daily. Banks can offer a unique digital experience to the above-mentioned stakeholders by enabling online account opening, signing an investment deal, digital insurance premium payment, and claiming settlement digitally without the physical presence of the customer.

The document management platform, along with the online electronic signature feature allows banks and investment agencies to import data, images like photos, and property maps automatically. The banks can drag and drop electronic signatures to make the document authentic.

The customer, who receives the document can equally auto-fill and sign the document electronically. to complete deals with innumerable customers at once, within no time. 

Companies in the manufacturing and service sectors need not fill in data and sign agreements using paper and ink. They can save money by instantly sending digital documents and placing them on a cloud-based platform that provides instant document access to the customer without delay.

Creates Workflow to Streamline Business 

A healthcare provider, for example, can streamline patients’ prescriptions, images, clinical reports, and Pharmacist reports by storing them in a digital form. The software indexes these documents and archives them on a central repository. Hospitals and diagnostic centers need not waste paper pulp and films to manually print reports and X-ray images of the patient. A physician can avail them from the central repository, without waiting for the clinical laboratories to send them physically using paper, printer, scanner, and xeroxing machines, Hospitals can drive their staff towards more productive tasks of patient care rather than filling data manually. Healthcare providers can save electricity, paper, courier, or transportation that consumes fuel.

Builds a Strong Environmental-Friendly Digital Ecosystem

Companies can recruit, train, onboard, and improve employee engagement completely online without using a piece of paper. Employee contract agreements, outsourced employee agreements, and third-party service providers’ contract agreements generally consume several bundles of paper. The electronic signature tool builds an ecosystem to cater to all administrative activities. 

Final Thoughts

Companies can stop the onslaught of tropical forests and the degeneration of biodiversity by not encouraging paper consumption and minimizing energy usage by switching to alternative, green energy. The best electronic signature software goes a long way in building a matchless, unique paperless, digital consumer experience that is completely eco-friendly. Organizations can minimize fuel and electricity consumption by avoiding repetitive usage of scanners, printers, and transportation to physically reach stakeholders which consumes time.