• 2024-01-03

Redefine the Patient Experience with Easy to Serve eSignature Forms

When you ponder the reasons why a few companies emerged as healthcare digital leaders over others, the answers are evident: they have led the market as early adopters of emerging technologies by rewiring their organizational capabilities. They were early to respond to the digital disruption that transformed the way companies work during the pandemic and in the aftermath. These technologies have completely revolutionized the organizational workflow, irrespective of the manufacturing or service sectors. Of the many technologies that took enterprises by storm, Electronic signatures for the healthcare industry played a significant role in defining their success.

They were successful in making deeper integration of technology across end-to-end core business processes a success to scale their businesses.

Integration of Technology with Business and Operations in Healthcare

When we divide organizational activities into operations and business, the former focuses on internal organizational activities, and the latter is an effort to reach out to external agencies and the market. Internally, companies create documents, build workflows, and share documents to conclude or sign deals.

Companies also create and share questionnaires to circulate them with diverse audiences to collect data and feedback to provide improvised services. Healthcare service providers that built an excellent digital ecosystem to collaborate and interact with external and internal stakeholders to engage them effectively to grow business.

If we divide the services a patient avails of from a healthcare provider as pre-hospitalization, services while hospitalized, and post-hospitalization, it is easy to visualize and cater to the patient’s requirements at each stage.

Ease of Serving Patients with Pre-Hospitalization Forms 

Create easy-to-fill intuitive forms on eSignature on an electronic document management system for healthcare. All you need to do is try to get your employees to build easy-to-create drag-and-drop templates and save them as entities. Your employees can simply drag fields that provide space for the patient to fill in details such as name, contact details, and details on the available healthcare specialists. The patients can choose to fix an appointment at an appropriate time. Hospitals can create a form compatible with multiple devices, like websites or mobile phones, for patients to fill in details and submit for an appointment.

Create a Seamless Patient Onboarding Experience with Workflows 

When a patient aims to get hospitalized for any long-term treatments, hospitals can reduce the waiting time for the allotment of rooms/beds allowing patients to fill out digital forms attached as workflows.

Hospitals can create and share the below-mentioned forms as a template with patients to complete the onboarding process.

  • Patient Registration Form to collect basic information like name, address, date of birth, contact details, and emergency contact information.
  • Medical History Form to collect the patient’s past medical history.
  • Insurance Information Form- to gather the insurance provider, policy number, and details of primary and secondary coverage, if applicable.
  • Financial Responsibility Form- to be aware of how the patient plans to pay for services not covered by insurance, including deductibles, co-pays, and non-covered charges.
  • The HIPAA Consent Form allows hospitals to share the patient’s medical information with other healthcare providers involved in their care.
  • Advance Directive Forms are documents that disclose patients’ wishes to fulfill if they become incapable of decision-making due to prolonged or serious health conditions.

 By upskilling your employees in the creation, saving, and sharing of documents on the eSignature for healthcare services, hospitals can save costs incurred on creating these documents interns of manual work hours, and money spent on printing and scanning these copies to upload them in the portal.

Electronic health records (EHR) integration: eSigns can integrate with EHR systems to pre-populate patient information on intake forms, eliminating repetitive data entry and streamlining the check-in process.

Leverage the Power of Data for Efficient Patient Services

The patient data is crucial and essential to creating amenities to serve them better. Healthcare providers can empathize with patients' pain points and can offer personalized services. By collecting patient forms, healthcare providers are instantly building data on eSigns ‘Entities’. Hospitals can segregate patients’ data demographically and sociographically and create niche data on the type of imaging services, scans, or treatments they may need.

Hospitals can build pharmacological information, which is essential to serving their patients. Healthcare providers can access these details on the customer dashboard anytime, from anywhere, for speedy and instant decision-making. The cloud-based eSignature software for healthcare transforms the way caregivers plan for rehabilitation services and post-hospital care.

Gauge How Patients Perceive Your Medical Services with Form Builders

Digital document management platforms for healthcare offer tools to build a mechanism to gauge patients’ feedback while they are on your premises. This exercise is essential for the hospital management to take measures to build loyal customers. Form Builders helps caregivers prepare a custom tool and technique to collect and store information for analysis.


Electronic signature tools for the healthcare industry have revolutionized the way caregivers extend services. They can add immense value to the services they extend with distributed technology and a data environment to empower teams to become digitally innovative. Digital is transforming the healthcare industry to remain self-sustainable with an in-built digital ecosystem that empowers caregivers to win loyal customers with their exceptional medical and personal services.