• 2024-02-12

Seamless Contracts Management in Staffing with eSigns

The staffing industry relies heavily on documents, particularly contracts. Recruiting agencies use these contracts depending on the nature of services they extend to their clients and the specific relationships they maintain with clients and job seekers. The electronic document management system for the staffing industry helps enter into multiple contracts to negotiate deals and conclude business. Before moving further on contract management, let us have a glance at the different types of contracts prevalent in the staffing industry.

Types of Employment Contracts that eSigns Builds for Clients

Staffing agencies constantly interact with their clients to find out their job requirements. They do it by paying great attention to the details of the types of skill sets the companies seek. The following contracts are very basic and essential for the smooth functioning of staffing agencies.

The electronic document management system for staffing prepares the following documents:

  • Recruitment contracts that staffing agencies enter into with their clients outline the scope of the agency's services, including the positions they are expected to fill, recruitment charges, candidate selection criteria, and confidentiality clauses.
  • Staffing agencies also define the scope of work (SOW), which specifies the scope of the agency’s work, including timelines, deliverables, and fees for project-based assignments.
  • Vendor agreement that governs the broader terms of the business relationship, including payment terms, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution procedures.
  • Master Services Agreements (MSA): They establish a framework for ongoing engagements with a client, streamlining future contracts by referencing the MSA terms.

Contracts the agencies enter with Job Seekers may include,

  • Placement agreement that outlines the terms of employment with the client company, including the job description, compensation, benefits, and termination clauses. Although clients spell out these details, agencies facilitate them by communicating the same with recruits.
  • Temporary Employment Agreement for employees hired for temporary positions. These contracts specify terms and conditions for contract positions, pay rates, benefits, work hours, and terms of engagement.
  • Independent contracts for freelancers outline project scope, payment terms, and independent contractor responsibilities.

Recruiting companies may have to prepare additional contacts to serve the general employment terms, including,

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): protects confidential information shared between the agency, client, and job seeker.
  • Background Check Authorization is needed for the agency to conduct background checks on job seekers.
  • Tax Documents: Depending on the employment type, tax forms like W-4 or 1099 may be required.

The contract types mentioned above provide just a few glimpses of the types of contracts the staffing agencies prepare. There are specific contracts used depending on individual circumstances and agency practices.

How companies can manage contracts on the Digital Signature platform for employment

Hassle-free digital contract creation

Staffing agencies can build a world-class digital ecosystem with a document management system for recruitment where every individual employee in the organization becomes a citizen developer to prepare specialized contracts to conclude agreements.

Customize it to meet specific industry needs.

A contract serving the IT sector may not be suitable for the manufacturing industry. Staffing agencies can create custom contracts using electronic signature software. Companies can use this platform for branding and image building while quickly meeting the industry’s needs.

Maintain a Repository of Contracts 

Staffing companies can maintain a central repository of contracts as templates and reuse them several times when needed in the future. They can edit, archive, retrieve, and share them instantly with a client or consultant, who can access them anytime on any device of their choice, including mobile phones. SaaS platforms for recruitment help agencies remain agile and swift in meeting industry demands.

Sign Employment Contracts Effortlessly on the eSignature Platform for the Recruiting Industry

eSigns offers a collaborative platform for staffing agencies where they can interact with multiple stakeholders, including clients, tax consultants, government agencies, and recruits. Highly interactive features help agencies conclude deals without much effort.

A Data-Driven Approach to Business to Excel in the Platform Economy

Staffing agencies can acquire data on clients, consultants, projects, industry norms, and more on online document management platforms for the staffing industry. This data helps recruiting agencies draw key inferences to prepare project proposals and expand business.

Custom Dashboard with KPI Analytics

Staffing companies can create a custom dashboard that offers key performance indicators (KPIs) on the progress of a specific project, the performance of a consultant, or several projects the agency worked on with a specific client. Key inputs from clients, consultants, and projects are essential to forecast industry trends and assess ROI. These insights help make necessary interventions to avoid mistakes in policymaking.

Don’t Compromise on compliance.

Staffing agencies are subject to various federal and state regulations, so contracts must comply with relevant laws. Agencies must take enough care in adhering to tax norms to be deducted at source. They must be aware of the labor laws of the geographical area where they are operating.


The electronic signature software for the employment industry provides several useful tools and techniques for the staffing industry to create, share, and sign custom contracts. Interactive platforms are helpful in consensus-building among diverse stakeholders. While complying with national and state-specific employment norms, staffing agencies can build data seamlessly on this platform to grow business at scale.