• 2023-06-14

Use Cases of eSignatures in Various Industries

Innovation literally means continuous improvement and mankind has overcome several odds through brilliance. Climate change is the biggest ever challenge in the present scenario. Now, safeguarding the environment is the highest priority. Electronic Signature software is ready to create a vibrant moment in the crisis. If businesses could embrace this software, the entire world could go paperless within a few decades.

Communication through documents is a constant practice in businesses. It could be internal or external, it is inevitable. Let us discuss a few use cases of using electronic signature software, and how going paperless transforms the entire workspace. In addition, it reduces the costs and unnecessary management of archiving paper-driven documentation.

In addition, digital economies largely require safe and secure transactions. The electronic signature software ensures that every transaction goes through a two-step authentication process.

Health Sector

The healthcare industry requires the maintenance of an immense database. It includes patient records, vendor purchases, pharmacy, medical equipment, reports, and more. Managing a hospital is not an easy task. It requires qualified professionals to manage data impeccably. The entire healthcare industry has transformed digitally in the post covid era and contactless treatment has become a new norm. eSignature has emerged as a smart option to streamline document-related processes. This transformation nullifies the work pertaining to paper-driven documentation. This cloud-based platform is easy to use. Healthcare providers can create workflows consisting of patient admit forms, and entities for seeking personal documentation to share them with patients in one go.

This user-friendly software helps you design the workflows as per your needs. Hospitals can send reminders to patients for documents through alerts.

It is heartening to say that the healthcare industry is quicker in adapting to the eSignature platform than other sectors. As the sector continuously strives to improve patient care. These digital solutions will create a transparent medical procedure, negating delays and any form of miscommunication.

Agreements and Contracts – Small Business

Create signable agreements and contracts using the electronic signature software. It can be shared with multiple people placing requests for signatures. It reduces the turnaround time from days to minutes, depending on the availability of the stakeholders. A sales manager generally shares the same agreement copies with multiple people. Templates are the most prominent feature of eSignature Software that helps the industry recreate the same document repeatedly.  Once you create a template, it can be used multiple times with minor changes to the documents with simple edits, in the fields. One of the best advantages of this software is collaboration, every individual will have the knowledge of the process.

Real Estate Sector

Real Estate is one of the crucial sectors of the economy. It provides livelihood to millions and helps people realize the dream of building homes. This sector requires heaps of documents that need to be stored which include lease agreements, procurement, sales agreements, customer data, labor agreements, and more. All these documentation procedures can be simplified by legally binding Electronic Signature Software. Create entities for storing crucial data from customers and lean on the workflows for sharing documents as a bundle and get them quickly. All the deals will remain confidential and the document history will be recorded right from the moment it is signed. Audit trails allow businesses to check details, including who accessed the document when it was signed. eSignature toll also, and also send reminders to the people, asking them to pay attention to the documents they should sign. While minimizing the time involved in signing agreements, electronic signature platforms, the documents will remain tamper-proof forever.

Staffing Industry

Human resources teams in a staffing firm should be ever active in providing a skilled workforce to a variety of projects in an organizational setup. Any delays in the recruitment procedures will disrupt the entire project management system. The teams are already burdened with payroll management, internal communication, attendance, and many other tasks. However, the Electronic Signature for Staffing eliminates all the cumbersome tasks with impeccable features. The document management system ensures that onboarding and verification processes are well organized and remain error-free.

Templates are the most advanced feature of the electronic signature software. All the requisite forms that include employee benefits, insurance, bonus, and other mandatory forms, common to every employee can be saved in the form of templates. This feature enables the teams to release all the requisite documents without any delays as they are readily available in the system with minor edits.

Create signable offer letters, and release them to numerous candidates across the globe. Get them signed online before the candidate joins the organization physically, the teams can complete the entire onboarding process. The same goes for the offboarding process, all the fillable forms are sent to the employee in the form of workflow, which could be accessed with only two-step authentication.

Education Sector

Today’s education system is the hard work of generations bygone. It is based on values built by several intellectuals and legendary teachers. This education is being imparted to the next generations with the help of technology now. In addition, providing paperless solutions to administrative tasks is the new norm. The electronic signature software in the education sector is simplifying all the operations in the institutions. For instance, admissions, archiving student records, managing student material, and other tasks are being digitized with eSignatures.

Administrative staff can send a bundle of documents like student admission forms and registration documents, and student onboarding documents as workflow. They can equally collect all the requisite documents, including address proof, ID proof, and credentials, and preserve them in entities. Students can upload relevant documents from any device at home. Similarly, a student database can be created and all the documents can be archived and retrieved at any time. Any circular regarding holidays or any updates can be easily shared with the students, without requiring any paperwork using a feature called “Bulksend”.

There are several features that include collaboration, workflows, entities, templates, and more. Effective usage of Electronic Signatures simplifies all operations.


Electronic Signature Software is more relevant in the present scenario. Many industries have adopted the technology. The cloud platform ensures data storage in a secure way. Above all, it is affordable and reduces the cost associated with paper-driven documentation.